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Alumni Profile: Jim Watson’s passion for politics

Originally published at charlatan.ca

On the day after every mayoral election in Ottawa since the first year he won, current Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson’s tradition is to have lunch at the Tim Hortons in Carleton’s Residence Commons. Many students who approach him ask why he’s there, of all places, right after his win.

“I’m showing up as a symbol. Just because the election’s over doesn’t mean my connection with Carleton is over,” he said. Continue reading

Why language learning is never a waste

Originally published at learninglog.carleton.ca

We’ve all experienced the language classes of grammar worksheets and verb conjugation exercises.

Through memorizing verb tenses and vocabulary, it’s easy to let our minds wonder why any of this really matters. That’s what learning a new language meant to me, until this summer when I studied intensive French in Grenoble, France for a month.

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Our whirlwind lives: The culture of busyness

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You have two assignments due tomorrow, an essay, and an appointment with a professor. You have three weeks of readings to catch up on and should probably do laundry.

You’ve also been getting an average of about five hours of sleep this past week.

When someone asks how are you, the only thing you can reply with is “I’m busy.” Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone.


Graphic by Helen Mak, The Charlatan.

We’re all in this together

According to a nationwide survey co-ordinated by the Canadian Organization of University College Health last year, 89 per cent of Canadian students said they felt overwhelmed with all they had to do.
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