Alumni Profile: Jim Watson’s passion for politics

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On the day after every mayoral election in Ottawa since the first year he won, current Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson’s tradition is to have lunch at the Tim Hortons in Carleton’s Residence Commons. Many students who approach him ask why he’s there, of all places, right after his win.

“I’m showing up as a symbol. Just because the election’s over doesn’t mean my connection with Carleton is over,” he said. Continue reading

Choosing home health care

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Canada’s population is aging and by 2024, StatsCan estimates about one-fifth of the national population will be seniors.

With this in mind, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has committed to spending $3 billion over the next four years on home health care as part of the proposed national Health Accord, which would work in collaboration with provinces and territories.  Financial supports for family care and greater access to in-home caregivers are included in the Health Accord budget. Continue reading